Trading Reimagined

A Non-Rent-Seeking Open Protocol for Decentralized Lending that Enables Margin Trading and Short Selling of ERC20 Tokens

Loans for ENS names Demo

What Lendroid Offers

Lendroid seeks to overcome on-chain limitations of latency and impractical gas cost by creating a symbiotic off-chain infrastructure supported by incentivized participants. The native token keeps the network operational, fuels the utility layer of the protocol and offers security to community governance. The ecosystem nurtures a decentralized, global, shared lending pool.


Non-Rent-Seeking Protocol

Lendroid is non-rent-seeking, where all transaction throughput goes to the off-chain utility actors - the 0x based Relayers and the newly introduced Wranglers - who coordinate to make the network stable.


Trust-Independent and Autonomous

Smart contracts ensure no custodianship of user funds, thus mitigating counterparty risks. This lets users and off-chain keepers manage their operations without being controlled by a central authority.


Interoperability and Shared Liquidity

Supports multiple exchanges and is compatible with exchange protocols, thus contributing to a global shared liquidity pool. Lenders facilitate a global shared lending pool thereby enhancing lending liquidity.

Our Allies

Lendroid Overview

Lendroid Support Token

Fuels transactions in the Lendroid ecosystem

• LST is the native token of the Lendroid protocol.
• It is non-rent seeking, meaning it does not collect any fee for itself.
• Protocol users (Lenders, Margin Traders) pay keepers/enablers (Relayers, Wranglers) in LST.
• The fee amounts are negotiated offline.
• Fee amounts are negotiated offline.


Road Map


Loans for ENS names demo launched on Kovan


Whitepaper describing our approach to decentralized margin trading.


Network launch on Ethereum with support for ERC-20 tokens


Protocol/Network governance moved from multi-sig to token holder voting


Multi-chain asset support

The Lendroid Team